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this Article did not pass...updated April 27, 2012

Article 44.  Ms. Lodynsky moves that the Town vote to appropriate the sum of $20,000 (in combination with current $19,000 Dog Officer funding) to provide a town Animal Control Officer (out-sourced, contractual, or part time staff, under direction of the Town Manager.

reasons being:


for the past few decades, Concord has had a contract with a Dog Officer to respond to all dog related matters. Calls and complaints related to all other animals were managed and handled by the Concord Police / Fire Department staff, many of whom had not received training in animal control or wildlife handling procedures;


Massachusetts rabies laws require all dogs and cats over 6 months of age to be vaccinated; Concord has no staff or procedures in place to enforce this requirement.  


neighboring towns of Lexington, Bedford, and Belmont have indicated interest in setting up an animal shelter cooperative with Concord (shelter location in Lexington), with the potential for sharing of ACO responsibilities.  


additionally:   as per SENATE No. 02192; Senate, filed March 22, 2012 Text the Senate Bill further regulating animal control (being the text of Senate, No. 2184, printed as amended): 


398 Section 151. (a) The mayor of each city and the board of selectmen of each town shall

399 annually designate 1 or more animal control officers, who may be police officers or constables.

400 The mayor or board of selectman shall immediately submit to the commissioner the names,

401 addresses and date of hire of such animal control officers. Except as provided in this section, if

402 any city or town shall fail to make such appointment, the commissioner shall appoint an animal

403 control officer for that city or town. 

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Concord's Current Dog Control Procedure

source: Concord's Town website and WickedLocal News

Concord Public Safety Communications is a separate civilian organizational unit operating within the Concord Police Department chain of command according to the policies, procedures and guidelines of the Concord Police and Fire Departments. The Communications Unit is comprised of 8 full-time Dispatchers who operate on rotating tours of 8-hour shift assignments to provide the community with 24-hour service 7 days per week.

All Concord Public Safety Dispatchers are certified emergency telecommunications and law enforcement data professionals trained to the standards of the Massachusetts State 911 Department, Massachusetts Criminal History Systems Board, National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch and the Association of Public Safety Communications Professionals (APCO) Intl. Several Dispatchers also have additional training as Tactical Communications Specialists, Reserve Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians on an individual basis.  

The Dog Officer responds to all complaints regarding domesticated dogs. The Dog Officer is required to provide a vehicle for transporting dogs, as well as a pound for the temporary housing of dogs taken into custody. The Dog Officer and his assistant(s) are on call 24 hours a day, and can be contacted through the Public Safety Communications Center by pager.  

Concord contracts with a private vendor (Boardman Animal Control Services) to provide dog control services. The contract is awarded on the basis of a competitive bidding process, and is administered by the Chief of Police. Concord's existing contract with Les Boardman provides response to dog only problems. Other animal control problems are handled over the phone by referrals, or by the uniformed patrol officers. The amount budgeted also provides for limited patrols by the Dog Officer to locate stray dogs.


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